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"You can get up and down
like Pro's with our super
loft sand wedges and
Lo'Profile putters."

Dale Miller, Inventor
1-888-835-4563 toll free
In Atlanta: 678-482-8508
All putter heads are made in GA

"I love that Lo'Profile putter!  It took me a few rounds to get used to the
new look, but fellows I play will tell you it's a "miracle putter" for me."
David Cross at Reunion Golf Club in GA

Good afternoon Mr. Miller,
"I just want to personally thank you once again for the putter
you gave to me at our member-guest. I really appreciate it!
It rolls true and I must mention how beautiful the color is."

Brian Mallory - Golf Professional


Conforms with USGA Rules
Decision: 2004 - 117 - 303
US Patent 6464598

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the largest supplier of NFL NHL MLB and Collegiate

licensed golf accessories in the country


TO ORDER Your Putter
Office 1-888-835-4563

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"Love the Green Head and Yellow grip.

Love the way the ball rolls with topspin."

Wendel Peterson, Reunion - Braselton GA



RED - GREEN - WHITE or BLACK putter heads

You select the putter grip.


1. No other putter design allows a golfer to swing as slowly and
make the ball roll as quickly with pace and accuracy.

2. Top Spin roll and full transfer of energy from the putter to equator of the ball are the main features.

3. LoProfile Putter design expands on the wedge "belly hit" used when the ball lies on the fringe or in rough near green.

4. Go ahead! Try the sand wedge "belly hit" next time you play.
See how quick the ball rolls with topspin off the blade.

Putter wt. "16 oz"
Head only wt. "10 oz"
Putter shaft Length 36"


LoProfile putter head is $169.00 today
FREE UPS ground shipping in US!

You select your personal putter grip. If we do
not have your grip in stock, you can send us
the one you want or we can order it for you


Office 1-888-835-4563

Cell 770-329-0682

Center Shaft is located at sweet spot!
Top surface FREE of marks and lines.
  Mark it with your own personal marks.


Conforms with USGA Rules
Decision: 2004 - 117 - 303

US Patent 6464598


"Hey Dale, your putter is the one in my
bag now. Really good from first or
second cut off the green too."
Tom Robarge - Medford WI


NOTE: 1st US patent on Sports Method
(Article in ABA Journal / March 2001 p. 51)
"Tiger Woods may have won the U.S. Open, but the 
golf phenom might lose in District Court if he infringes 
on Dale D. Miller's patented putting technique."



New Super Wedge only $129.00!
68 degree Lob & Sand Wedge

FREE UPS Ground shipping in US

1. Super Loft Wedge with special bounce sole allows use of club out of rough or sand.

2.  Play bunker shots like other iron shots. No need to worry about opening the face. Play shots like the Pro's you've seen on TV.

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