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Super loft 68 degrees and special sole design allows golfers to use club out of the rough or sand with a powerful swing and backspin.

The bunkers most of us play out of on a regular basis are not like the bunkers at pro tournaments.

Most of us play out of bunkers that have a firm base or shallow sand depth instead of nice soft sand with measured depths.

Our Wedge prevents most bounce and blade shots! Super loft and low bounce angle design allows one to swing with confidence.


New Lo'Profile Putter
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New Hi-Tech Hard Coat Putter


Conforms with USGA Rules
Decision: 2004 - 303

New Lo'Profile Putter can make

you best putter at your club!


Elevated Face

New Sole Design

The energy transfer to the ball occurs on the up swing at the equator of the ball. This is how it must be done to minimize skidding before the ball begins to roll.

Whether "on or off" the green, this new Putter design offers the "best ever" energy transfer and top spin roll!


1. Your dominant hand and arm control the stroke.

2. Hand-eye coordination is easier and more accurate.

3. Your leading wrist never breaks down during the stroke.

4. Your leading hand stabilizes your dominant hand.

5. Your dominant hand can "release" down the line.

6. Your shoulders are always parallel with the target line.

7. Follow through is easier and always "on line."

8. The method eliminates unintended sidespin.

9. You will learn to use the PRO style putting stroke.

10. You will stop using the open door & close door stroke.

Dale Miller, JD and his Patented Putting Method

Prior to August of 1995, he was a 15 handicap. Then, as a result of an intra-articular fracture of the left distal radius (wrist injury), he had to putt one handed.

Then he discovered when he positioned his left hand on top of his dominant right hand and his left thumb in a certain position on the inside of his right forearm, he could make those putts he often missed in the past!

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