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1. GENERAL RULE: Focus about an inch behind the ball in the sand unless you have an up hill lie in the bunker, then focus one half inch behind the ball. For longer sand shots close the face a little and ball will fly further. Keep all weight on the left foot during the swing, if swinging right handed

When hitting a lob shot from the rough, focus on a blade of grass about half inch behind the ball and swing with a force that drives the club face through the long grass as it descends under the ball. The ball with "pop up" and stop quickly on the green. Keep all weight on the left foot during the swing. Use only the arms during the swing. Keep the lower body still so the club comes down to the spot you picked to hit behind the ball.

In the beginning, it's probably best not to use the Super Wedge when your ball is in a closely mowed fairway unless you really want to show off and suck it close to a tight pin. You can do it, but skill level and risk reward factors are elevated from a tight lie!

2. DISTANCE TIP: Ball will fly further when struck off firm ground. If the ground under the ball is soft, you need to swing harder or close the face slightly to carry the ball to the pin.

3. SQUARE FACE EXCEPTION TIP: When you have a shot that requires getting the ball up and down to a tight pin, address the ball with club face in square. On the take away, roll the club face open with the right hand. On the down swing, (1) roll the club face closed in the impact zone on longer shots or (2) push downward with the right hand to maintain a slightly open face through the impact zone on short up and down shots to a tight pin. This creates a high shot that lands softly and settles quickly.

4. PRACTICE: Spend some time practicing these super shots with the Super Wedge. Please remember, you may not hit every shot perfectly. When you do, others will be amazed by your ability. As with all lob shots, it is necessary to keep your eye on the ball position and lower body still during the swing.

Our New Book:

"Creative Golf" is about Angles and Accuracy.

In order to make accurate golf shots, a simple pre-swing thought process is required to coordinate the angles involved.

Good News is this thought process is easy to learn and understand when the golf swing is viewed as a simple coordination of angles.



1. Your dominant hand and arm control the stroke.

2. Hand-eye coordination is easier and more accurate.

3. Your leading wrist never breaks down during the stroke.

4. Your leading hand stabilizes your dominant hand.

5. Your dominant hand can "release" down the line.

6. Your shoulders are always parallel with the target line.

7. Follow through is easier and always "on line."

8. The method eliminates unintended sidespin.

9. You will learn to use the PRO style putting stroke.

10. You will stop using the open door & close door stroke.


Dale Miller, JD and his Patented Putting Method

Prior to August of 1995, he was a 15 handicap. Then, as a result of an intra-articular fracture of the left distal radius (wrist injury), he had to putt one handed.

Then he discovered when he positioned his left hand on top of his dominant right hand and his left thumb in a certain position on the inside of his right forearm, he could make those putts he often missed in the past!

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1992 - We started Mid Anchor-Point® Putting
Fred Couples and many others use it!
06-15-93 we registered Trademark number 1,776,637
US Trademark Office - FIRST Mid-Anchor Point Putter!

1997 - 1st US patent on a Sports Method
(ABA Journal / March 2001 p. 51)
"Tiger Woods may have won the U.S. Open, but the golf
phenom might lose in District Court if he infringes on
Dale D. Miller's patented putting technique."

(US patent 5,616.089)


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