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Dale D. Miller, JD

Why did we apply for a U.S. Patent on our putting Method?


The time and money we spent to obtain the patent opens a new legal protection vehicle for all individuals who develop new and unique sports methods in the U.S.

All they have to do is apply for patent protection within one year from the time they introduce the new and unique method into a public forum.

We believe this is the first patent issued in the U.S. on a sports method. Yes, legal protection exists for creative individuals who make the games we play better. It allows a creative individual to obtain the recognition deserved for new and unique sports methods.

The legal precedent we have established may prevent the rich and powerful in sports from adopting and promoting new methods as their own ideas.

Yes, this new method patent will have a dynamic impact on the future of sports in the U.S.

Dale Miller, JD, Inventor

April 1997

"THUMB DIAL" alignment system

We use the "THUMB DIAL" method described in the Patent.

The THUMB position allows you to slightly adjust the putter so your putts roll toward the high side of the hole.

Alignment System

After addressing the ball, the THUMB position of the non Dominant hand allows you to slightly adjust the putter blade angle, simply by moving the Thumb position left or right. This simple adjustment will make all your putts roll toward the high side of the hole.

The new patented golf system called the "thumb dial" alignment system is learned from our putting method. When you apply the "thumb dial" system from the Green all the way back to the Tee, we have discovered an alignment system that results in amazing improvement in accuracy on every shot. Now that The Method is becoming more popular we are working on an audio tape and manual that will teach the game of golf from the Green back to the Tee using principles we developed with the putting method.

You will not believe how great your chipping and pitch shots will be the rest of your life. After you have mastered the putting and chipping "thumb dial" system you will be ready to apply it on your approach shots and off the tee. Learning the concepts described in our U.S. patent, will make your Day!

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